A 35 year-old Finnish tourist, naked and looking drunk, was spotted in the lobby of Fragrance Hotel in Selegie Road in March this year.

When two police officers arrived, they found him lying in a back alley nearby in just his underwear.

They managed to get the man, Antti Tapio Peltomaki, to put on a raincoat, but he removed it after a while and became agitated when they asked him some questions.

As the two policemen were trying to calm him down, Peltomaki suddenly slapped one of them, a 21-year-old national serviceman.

The police officers could not calm him down, and had to arrest him.

On Thursday, the Finn, who works as a sales manager with a video game magazine publisher, was jailed for four weeks for voluntarily causing hurt to a public servant in the discharge of his duty.

Peltomaki pleaded guilty, and told the court he was ashamed of his actions.

In his mitigation, Peltomaki’s lawyer Mr Louis Joseph asked for a one-day imprisonment term with a fine, or not more than a week in jail.

The lawyer said that as a result of the case, the Finn had to extend his stay in Singapore for two months, “at enormous financial cost”.

The offence was committed on the spur of the moment and there was minor injury caused, Mr Joseph said.

Peltomaki, who has a seven month old daughter also offered to pay compensation of $1,000 to the Police Compensation Fund.

This is his first brush with the law.

For the offence, Peltomaki could have been jailed for seven years, fined and caned.

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