Honestly speaking i cannot understand how Amos Yee’s allegation of Vincent Law would ever be taken seriously. For all of you who think is was a dick move,i kinda agree is sort of was a dick move.

But remember he IS a 16 year old. Also our newspaper should be held to a higher standard. How the hell can our FREAKING NEWS PAPER just post shit up like that? One of the reasons TRS was taken down was because it had a few articles containing allegations by contributors that weren’t true.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOVERMENT’S PROMISE !? they promised us that they will make sure “we read the right things” How is this right at all? How is posting a story of the allegations,MERE ALLEGATIONS alright? HOW!!!?

Shouldn’t proper journalist try to get to the bottom of the story? Where are the passionate journalist who love their jobs? Where is their unwavering passion to get the truth to the people? I really want to be proud of our press. But lately its been nothing but a disappointment.

Ben Matchap

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