While we lament about the susceptibility of the media (both MSM and alternatives – lets not pretend only the MSM were duped), we should not not gloss over Amos Yee’s culpability. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Mr Vincent Law – his act of stepping up and putting his money where his mouth by bailing Amos out was only a fraction of all the the good he has imparted on society through his work as a counsellor and a social activist.

Amos’ baseless accusation was unacceptable, regardless of his intent. It shows sheer disregard for the actions of his bailor. Also, his counterintuitive ‘apology’ did neither him nor Vincent any favour. It was nothing short of a dick move.

Whatever your political beliefs may be, manipulating journalists (they waited not beacuse they necessarily believed you but because it was their job) and maliciously smearing the reputation of the hand that feeds you is very irresponsible and we must not shy away from calling a spade, a spade.

Ariffin Sha

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