Share with you guys in case anyone of you are planning to jio a Malaysian girl in the future.

I met my Malaysian girlfriend when i was studying aboard. To be frank, I have never seen a Malaysian girl for the first 20 years of my life, in primary school to sec to JC, the only Malaysian girl i had seen was Michelle Yeoh from die another day

However when i studied aboard, there were a lot of them and they were very easy to spot. Dressed like fashion terrorist, talk like Singaporean and got village look. They also think they cook very well but actually they are better at medieval cooking than modern cooking (aka don’t know how to use seasoning)

Eventually started to like one of them that lived near me and got used to her square-ish facial features, small size, cheena English pronunciation… and i think this messed me up forever…

Now i come back Singapore, every time i see a Malaysian girl working in NTUC, fish market, sales etc… i find them very attractive…

Is something wrong with me?

I Love Malaysian Girls

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