Teen blogger Amos Yee was a “normal” child who became antisocial after getting hooked to the internet, his paternal grandmother said on Tuesday.

“He is a very smart boy, learns taekwondo,” 76 year-old Madam Chung Nyet Min said in Mandarin.

She said Amos started to devote much time to his computer when he entered his teens. “He rarely goes out with his friends … When I asked why he spends so much time on the computer, he told me that there are a lot of things to learn on the computer,” she said at the family’s flat in Shunfu Road in Bishan.

Mdm Chung, who has been living with Amos and his parents since he was in Primary 1, said: “I am very sad. I hope he will change for the better.”

Asked about Amos’ relationship with his parents, Mdm Chung described it as “normal”. When approached outside the courthouse, Amos’ father, Mr Alphonsus Yee, said he had no comment on the verdict. The teen’s mother, Madam Mary Toh, declined to speak to reporters.

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