On Tuesday, a spokesperson from the Archdiocesan Communications Office, responded to TODAY’s queries, saying Amos’ “decision to leave the Church was totally of his own accord”. The spokesperson added: “The Church respects his freedom to leave the faith. Nevertheless, the doors of the Church continue to remain open to him, and we pray that God will enlighten him in the truth.”

The church had also reached out to Amos before he was to have been confirmed as a Catholic, she added.

“In this instance, our records show that much effort was put into reaching out to Amos over the period that he was being prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation. However, in spite of these overtures, Amos was not receptive and lacked the faith to receive the Sacrament,” she said.

In its statement issued a couple of hours after Amos was convicted of uploading online content intended to wound the religious feelings of Christians, and of uploading an obscene image, the Catholic Church’s spokesperson also said it is deeply saddened by the turn of events and will be happy to welcome him back.

Amos’ sentencing is expected to be on Jun 2, when the assessment report on his suitability for probation is submitted.

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