Amos Yee has done it again! Within 24 hours of his release, he has taken the internet by storm! He has indeed become Singapore’s latest internet sensation. With one Facebook post, he trolled the entire legion of mainstream reporters into waiting at Pasir Panjang for a media interview with him.

Well play Amos.. well played!

This was what he said on his Facebook:

“Yeah… I think some people found out by now… I did, in fact, make use of the voracious desire of the reporters, to fuck with the mainstream media.

I think it’s pretty obvious when I have arranged a meeting with a person named ‘Dick Ow’, and there is no video game store in Red Hill, at least one that I’m aware of.

I manipulated the press to indulge in the thoroughly exhausting experience of waiting in Pasir Panjang fruitlessly for several hours, which they did with their quote unquote ‘diligence’. They are all quite obscure and hard places to reach in Singapore aren’t they?

And Vincent Law didn’t really molest me, haha. Though he is immensely creepy. I’ll save the specific details for another time.

Yeah it was all a troll, a troll that can only be possible by the inherent stupidity of the media. Have fun!”

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