All this talk about what about what Amos Yee said is not wrong and being praised?

So now look at the above comment.

Someone call for Singaporean Chinese to go back China, suddenly everyone gets defensive and aggressive.

The race riots happened, and not just in Singapore. We are taught to be sensitive to each others race and religion is to prevent race riots. All the current African American riots in the USA now is actually race riot on a smaller scale.

But think, if Singapore have just pockets of such riots, you think Singapore will not be greatly affected like USA? Do not think everything USA can do also can be done in Singapore. We do not have the huge land mass to see through such a problem.

When Bangkok was in chaos, I was in Chiang Mai there was not any issue at all.

Singapore is too small to have any such problem.

Freedom of speech and riots, or some limits on speech and peace. You guys choose.


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