Hi everyone,

It is already clear that the PAP cocked up on the fake degree saga by relentlessly letting foreigners in without doing due diligence.

It is clear as day that a committee needs to be set up (like what WP proposed) to weed through new applications as well as past applications, and kick them out.

But doing this is akin to saying that they cocked up and WP made a good proposal. So rather than owning up to their mistakes they just try to sweep it under the carpet and treat it like nothing happened.

Is this the type of government we want? Instead of owning up to their own mistakes and correcting them, they rather pretend that nothing is wrong and try to cheat the people.

If WP were to commit such a mistake I am sure pap will be all over them in the parliament and in the media!

Pap rather let us suffer!

Angry Anonymous Netizen

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