At some point in time you will find yourself job hunting, as a fresh graduate or a veteran white collar worker. The public and private sector blast their recruitment opportunities through job portals, shoe-box recruitment agencies or in their corporate websites under the infamous tab “Join Us” trumpeting your career glorification should you join their organizations (but did not specify if only the poor candidate is been shortlisted for the job)

Well well then, being a season pathetic job seeker, I have been to countless ‘potential interviews’, be it one-to-one or a panel of cold-faced humans screwing you into a speechless-looking moron concluding with the convenience of their closing sentences “we are in the midst of interviewing other candidates and will let you know if you are shortlisted in one to two weeks time” OR “HR will contact you” The obvious clear-cut fact that you are ‘dead’ was when in the panel interview, one of the interviewing clowns displayed her darkened ugly facial expression. Too obvious, unfortunately this occurs not in private companies but from prestigious public organisations, the feeling I had was almost suicidal. The agonizing part is…I am merely a sincere innocent job seeker for the position of a simple executive, do I have to be a subject of your humiliation during the interview.

You know you have done your best, researched the organization, know your job description/requirement and answer questions flawlessly, towards the end of session you posed two intelligent questions, the interviewers appeared to be pleased (or faking ?!)
You left the interview venue feeling good and confident and then the commencing of the agonized wait of one week, followed by the second and the on the beginning of the 3rd week Monday you know you are a dead duck, oh yes the again convenient silent of the hiring bullies telling you are not selected.

While I appreciate organizations who possess the professionalism of sending a polite email informing that I have not been selected which have caused me to develope a deathly hatred to those who prefers the silent methodology.

The fact is, the bottom line is I have put in the best of my best efforts and was given the false sense of satisfaction that was falsified during the interview session BUT it was however informed to me that they have found someone better. It has reached the pinnacle of my tolerance that I would want to utter the following during the session, after all I have been a season-failure in my interview experiences “Look if for some reason you are not satisfied with me or if you would wish to find someone better looking than I am, let’s not waste each other’s time” from then I would march towards the door. Thoroughly sickened to the core, I have thrown in my towel in whatever aspects.

The difference of male and female interviewers… The male breed are more interested and focus in whether you are able to perform and do the job than the females thick-caked faces commenting on how messy your hair is, scruitzing of your resume, side-tracking of mentioning that her daughter suffering from the eczema skin condition, moaning on weekends buffets etc.

The conclusion I derived for myself is that I have been done a thorough homework for the interview, polish my language skills and appear professional, the sad thing is I have to content with fact that they (interviewers) were merely making a fool of themselves in front on me, being potential candidate.

While confiding the litany of my job hunting ordeal to the cubicle-renting recruitment agencies, the response given to me is “That’s part and part of job hunting” ok so be it, in Singapore.

Jian Cheng (箭惩)

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