One company owner has decided to take action against a Facebook netizen for allegedly defaming her store.

On 2nd May, “Jaslin Larissa Tan” posted a complaint about Tamper and Co Singapore. Jaslin said that there were rats and other unhygienic practices by staff at the store. This posting was discovered by an owner of Tamper and Co Singapore, who tried to reach out to the netizen.

However, Jaslin blocked the owners of Tamper and Co Singapore after a heated exchange. The company thus decided to lodge a police report at Bedok Police station.

Acting on the police’s advice, Tamper and Co Singapore will now be serving Jaslin a civil suit for defamation.

An open letter from Tamper and Co Singapore to Jaslin reads:

Dear Jaslin Larissa Tan

We have already made a report against your post and have sufficient evidence to state that the Feedback about” Rats being seen in the outlet and staff digging their nose ” were untrue. we are not able to get in touch with u via facebook since u blocked us. But please do come back to us with the information that was requested from you.

We have sufficient evidence that the post made by your group of friends were out to target and cause distress, ill be taking a civil suit against you and whoever is involved so could u please get a legal representative to contact me if u have one.


Regards, Felicia Ng

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