A 16 year-old boy claimed that his best friend’s mother had been sexually assaulting him for the past three months.

According to a news report, the teenager had gone to meet his best friend in Chembur, Mumbai, at his house. While he was there, his best friend’s mother allegedly spiked his soft drink, which made him lose consciousness. He later found himself stripped in a room, after which she forced herself upon him and recorded the act.

The woman proceeded to blackmail the boy for the next 3 months, calling him to her house regularly.

During an interview, the boy’s father said: ‘My child is in Standard 10 and has been a good student, but of late I saw a lot of changes in him. He looked scared and his health was deteriorating. Initially, he did not respond to my enquiries, but later he told us the whole thing. He said that the woman would also take him on outings. Moreover, she claimed that she was pregnant and that she would accuse him of rape if he ever told anybody what had happened.’

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