A crowd of about 30 reporters and supporters of Amos Yee arrived early this afternoon to attend the court trial of Amos Yee. Tickets for members of the public to attend the trial were finished by approximately 1.30PM.

About 5 minutes before the trial began, the prosecution team had arrived in the court room. The 32 seater public gallery by this time was full with anxious supporters and interested members of the public.

Among the international news outlets in attendance were international heavyweights BBC, AP, Reuters, Bloomberg, Kyodo and AFP.

Amos entered the dock at 3.03PM, smiling at the crowd and his parents. He was dressed in a prison issued white shirt and long brown pants, with his usual shackles on his hands and feet in place.

At 3.10PM, judges commenced the reading of their written judgement. Amos Yee was found guilty of distributing an obscene image, and of wounding the religious feelings of Christians.

The prosecution announced that it has chosen to withdraw the charge under the harassment act for his remarks against the late Lee Kuan Yew. They recommended that the court sentence Amos Yee to probation. However, Alfred Dodwell, Amos Yee’s defence lawyer, pointed out that Amos Yee rejected probation and that under law, probation cannot be issued for persons convicted in an adult trial.

Shortly after this exchange, district court judge Jasvender Kaur adjourned the court to allow for Amos’ mother and defence lawyer, and state counsel to discuss Amos Yee’s previous 2 psychiatric care visits behind closed doors.

Trial was resumed at 5.14PM. At this point, Alfred Dodwell informed the court that Amos Yee was amenable to a probation sentence.

The court judge decided that pending a pre-sentencing probation report due on 2nd June, Amos sentence would be delayed until then. He granted Amos $10,000 bail, and said that as Amos has now been convicted for offences related to his postings insulting the late Lee Kuan Yew, he is now required by law to take down those posts.

Court was adjourned and sentencing will take place on 2nd June.

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