During a Court hearing today, 16 year old YouTuber Amos Yee, through his defence lawyer, requested to be jailed instead of going for probation after being sentenced guilty by the Judge.

The two charges faced by Amos Yee – one for making offensive remarks against the Christian faith and one for circulating an obscene image of Lee Kuan Yew engaging in a sex act with former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher – are liable for up to a maximum penalty of 3 years.

However in a strange twist of fate, the prosecution doesn’t want Amos Yee to be jailed and requested for the judge to give the 16 year old counselling and probation. This stance adopted by the prosecution is inconsistent given that Amos Yee have gone on trial as an adult.

Like an adult, Amos Yee was remanded in Changi Prison and appeared for court hearings in shackles and handcuffs.

The court has adjourned sentencing pending a probation report for Amos Yee. The Judge has given Amos Yee a lowered bail at $10,000 with no bail conditions.

AGC wanted to put more conditions on Amos’s bail but it was denied by the Judge. CPF Blogger Roy Ngerng who was present at the hearing said:

“Just now, AGC wanted to put more conditions on Amos’s bail. But the judge wouldn’t have any of it.
AGC wanted Amos to take down his article and video as part of the bail conditions.
Judge told AGC off and said that the take downs should not be part of the bail conditions. It should be part of the sentence, not the bail conditions, she said.

Judge then ruled that Amos can be bailed without conditions.”

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