Dear A.S.S.,

Its apparent that Singaporean women are starting to feel the heat from the thoroughbred middle-upper class PRCs, as an increasing number are graduating from US Ivies or local NUS/NTU/SMU with good honors (First Class Honors or Summa Cum Laude). The stereotypes of “PRCs are uncouth labourers”, “PRC women are prostitutes”, “PRCs women are pei du ma ma (study mother) and home wreckers”, “PRCs are uneducated and can’t speak English”, no longer hold water.

For the uninformed, “PRC scholars” have been actively recruited from China since early 2000s, mainly through three long-running scholarship schemes known respectively as the “SM1,” “SM2,” and “SM3” programs. Their red carpet treatment is fully sponsered by the PAP govt’s (you voted for) open-leg policies. Its not uncommon for these high achieving PRCs with brilliant academic and community profile, coupled with high GPAs to secure Management Associate and Graduate Associate poisitions in MNCs such as Investment Banks, Big 4 and Management Consulting firms.

After several years of graduate experience, these street smart PRCs with a global outlook know how to play the corporate survival game, and may use ‘social engineering’ techniques or seduction skills not taught by MOE to secure their promotions. With their fair complexion, silky smooth skin, and busty C-cups, which highly stressed and horny MNCs Heads/Director could resist their advances? The well-connected ones may even be parachuted to lead Chinese GLCs or state-owned coporations with their ‘guanxi’ back home, or appointed as department head of a Chinese MNCs located in Singapore.

Meanwhile vertically challenged Singaporean women with Changi airport physique and tanned Southern peasant complexion, who have been living in a frog’s well (Singapore) are realizing that their overrated Polytechnic Diplomas and shitty Private Degrees are worthless in the global economy. Even our so called local elites who graduated from NUS/NTU/SMU are often stucked in junior exec roles (Consultant, Jr Manager, AVP/SVP at most) and waiting to be axed when they hit 40+. Meanwhile Foreign Talents (you voted for it!) are parachuted by the respective MNCs HQ to be Senior Management (Chinese Banks/MNCs parachute Chinese nationals as Heads/MDs, German MNCs parachute Germans in, UK MNCs parachute British in, etc). Even our largest ‘local bank’ prefer FTs. See Jackson Tai (Chinese-American, Former CEO of DBS, 2002-2007) and Piyush Gupta (Indian national, CEO of DBS, 2009-current). Singaporeans have a higher chance of striking weekly 4D, than being promoted to Senior Management in MNCs, despite all their hard work, long hours and academic achievements.

In the words of the late LKY, “So you’ve got to accept the discomfort which the local citizens feel that they are competing unequally for jobs; cannot be helped.”

All the helpless Singaporean women with an inferior complex, like Janet Zhen, can do is rant “fuck off bloody cheenas!” on Facebook.

Eton Chen Guanxi
A.S.S. Contributor

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