by Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

SINGAPORE – The People’s Action Party intends to recruit Amos Yee into its ranks, ST has learned.

This surprising piece of news came from senior party insiders late last night despite the ongoing trials where the teenage blogger was being charged under the Penal code for “deliberate intention of wounding the religious or racial feelings of any person”.

A senior PAP cadre informed ST that prior to joining politics, ex-PAP Minister Raymond Lim is former chairman of “The Roundtable”, a think-tank that was extremely critical of the PAP government.

“Singaporeans have goldfish memories,” added senior PAP cadre who only gave his surname as Lee “They forgot our current Minister Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan is a champion debater and he is formerly a famous PAP critic”.

“After reviewing Amos Yee’s videos and blog posts, the Party saw a raw talent and that reminded us of Comrade Lim and Comrade Vivian; Amos Yee is definitely Minister calibre who can head a Ministry straight away, just like Comrade Heng”.

ST’s attempts to contact Workers’ Party media relations team were unsuccessful. However, a high-ranked WP member Lao Teo Chew told ST that they are not concerned with Amos Yee’s induction into PAP ranks as “Singaporeans will vote anything that is not white.”

Amos Yee’s trial continues today.

Disclaimer: This report is from the Straights Times. Do not take it too seriously.

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