A man tried to retrieve a ring which had fallen into a drainage trap in his home, but ended up getting his hand stuck in the drainage trap of his toilet for nearly 9 hours.

The man lives with his wife and daughter in an HDB flat in Jurong West Street 52. He was alone when the incident happened at about 1pm.

His wife and daughter came back by about 4PM, said a neighbour who lives on the same floor.

“They realised that something had happened only when they got home,” said Madam Chang, a housewife. “The wife came running to my house screaming, asking to borrow an electric drill.”

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrived at the scene at about 6pm, and took four hours to release the man’s hand.

A spokesman for SCDF said the operation involved the officers having to carefully cut the drainage piping, and hack through the toilet floor from the man’s unit and the one directly below, to free his trapped hand.

During the operation, SCDF officers supplied oxygen to the man, who was conscious and stable.

He was taken to National University Hospital at about 10pm, and was accompanied by his wife. His daughter declined to speak to the media.

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