Local celebrity Julie Tan was one step away from going under the knife after hurtful and judgmental comments from netizens about her high forehead, flat nose and chest got to the then-17 year old girl.

She had even consulted doctors – with support from her parents – to understand the medical procedure and care required post-surgery.

“My mum told me that it’s not wrong to enhance my looks if it (plastic surgery) helps in my career in any way, since I’m in this line of business.”

She eventually decided to back out from it because of her low threshold for pain and has come to terms that “it’s okay to not have big boobs”.

Still learning how to love herself for who she is today, Julie explained, “I decided not to do anything to myself because to me it’s a kind of self-respect… Rather than trying to change yourself according to other people’s standards, why not embrace yourself? Because I think we can never please everyone.”

These days, Julie Tan is busy working on projects in China. With the country infamous for its ‘guan xi’ (connections) dealings and the culture of “sleeping one’s way to the top” in showbiz, it’s no wonder Julie’s dad takes charge of her career in China (he’s her manager, by the way), where he sieves through her job offers and has the final say over her roles and projects, unlike in Singapore, where she has full autonomy.

And it helps that he has plenty of business dealings there too, shared Julie. “He knows a lot of businessman and actually uses his business connections to find jobs for me.”

Her only request to dad so far?

“No sleazy or bed scenes. I don’t have the figure for it too!” she chuckled, “And I don’t want to do such roles.”

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