Slightly over a year ago, I wrote about this topic.  Then, I was positively hoping to see a resolution to the two long outstanding issues below after chancing upon the opportunity to talk to two officers from AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority) that I met.

  1. Roosting wild pigeons, and
  2. Indiscriminate feeding of wild pigeons which is actually an offence in Singapore.

Unfortunately, it looks like I was hopeful in vain. Much to my disappointment and frustration, the issues show no signs of improvement up till today, let alone being resolved.  This is despite the fact that further feedback and even evidences (photos) had been sent to the authority some months after that conversation with the officers.  The responses from the authority were far from satisfactory, and to some extent, typical as I would describe it. They were like :

  • We have conducted surveillance and did not see any pigeon feedings
  • We will work with so and so to take appropriate action against the offenders
  • We will continue with our surveillance and monitor the situation (after I further furnished them with evidences of indiscriminate feedings)

Are they serious?   I don’t want to be insulting or undermine the efforts of the authority but I just can’t help feeling puzzled over what have actually been done to address the issues in the past year.  I did not receive any update after my last feedback a few months ago, so there is an issue with accountability too.

You can imagine how utterly frustrated and annoyed I am!  I am also very concerned and even more appalled at what I have been seeing every morning the last two months whenever I walked pass that area.  I wonder if my MP (Member of Parliament) will be appalled too but only if he has taken notice of the situations.  I decided to randomly capture what I have seen in the last 2-3 weeks.

19 April – wild pigeons enjoying the rice and even mandarin oranges thrown on the grass for them!  What a feast!


22 April – wild pigeons busy getting fed on the buns!


4 May – slices of white bread and rice!


4 May – Just look at the amount of pigeons in the morning!


4 May – Pigeons elsewhere.



9 May


Pigeon shits here and there too!  Disgusting, isn’t it?

Pigeon Shits

Pigeon Shits02

If the people who have been indiscriminately feeding these wild pigeons think that they are being very kind and doing a good deed, then they are totally wrong. They are just being ignorant because their act is outright irresponsible and disgraceful.  Their act is causing serious cleanliness and environmental issues, as well as potential health concerns if unfortunately the pigeons are diseased.  They are also breaking the Animals and Birds Act administered by AVA.


A law/rule is only good if it is effectively implemented and enforced.  It is futile if many can break it and go unpunished.



I am tired of getting back to the authority as I find that it is a waste of my time.  I just wonder if our million-dollar Ministers are aware of the seriousness of these problems and tackling them or do they find the pigeons too cute to do anything about them??

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