Dear A.S.S.,

I work at a shoe shop and I always encounter different types of people, especially from foreign countries.

I work long hours and have a small but still-can-manage pay, but I particularly can’t stand the times when I encounter certain kinds of nasty foreign nationals when they come to my shop.

It’s not just foreigners, but even some locals I also can’t stand them.

Let me give you examples of all the crazy things i go through at work.

PRC: Zhe-er shi pi de ma? (Is this leather?) You da zhe mah? You ji ma de?(Do you have bigger size? What sizes are there?) Ge de pi ke yi da zhe mah? (Is there a version with fake leather so that I can get a discount?)

Pinoy: Brotha, got discount? No big size? (If no discount or no big size, he’ll give me a look like I owe him or her money.)

Bangla (or Indian construction worker): Big size?
Me: What’s your size?
Bangla: No, no, big size!
Me: Yes, I know, big size. What’s your size?
Bangla: (Turn to his brother/sister/family) @&^*&^#@*? No big size ah?

India Indian aunties will rudely throw the shoes on floor, slip their feet in, look in the mirror like they are admiring themselves, then leave the shoe on the floor for me to pick up, as if I’m a dog.

Singapore girl with rich Ang Moh boyfriend: CAN I HAVE THIS THIS THIS AND THIS, ALL IN SIZE 41 39 38 37 36 THANKS.
(After bringing everything out)
Singapore girl: IT’S OKAY THANKYOU (walks out of store leaving everything in a f**king big mess)

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