Hi admin,

I also have an incident about Ah Nehs that I would want to share. I remember one time I was queuing up to buy KFC, then I saw this Ah neh foreign worker trying to order a 2 piece chicken meal.

But the poor fellow can’t speak English, so what the crew and the Ah Neh do quite funny.

At first the Ah Neh point at the 2 piece chicken meal and then never say anything. The service staff also blur and ask him what he want.

He point again and then the crew member still don’t get it ask him what he want. The poor Ah neh give that blur look than continue pointing.

“2 pcs chicken ah?” The KFC crew member mimicked the action of a chicken so that the Ah neh can understand.

“Upsize or not?” The crew member asked, but the Ah neh still give that blur look, so the crew member decide for him. “Ok la, don’t need.”

“Chicken crispy or original” Ah neh give that blur look again. The crew repeat 3 times then also fed up, so he just key in something and skip.

“Drinks, hot or cold ah?” Ah neh give that blur look. The poor crew member got to mimic hot and cold action and the Ah ned nodded his head for the hot action.

I saw many people in the line are giggling secretly. Seriously. I salute all who work either retail or F&B who have to deal with foreigners who don’t speak a word of English.

Ben Tan

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