Do not buy anything from the con website OlaPrice. They will charge you an extra $88 2 days after your initial receipt without you knowing. If you do not cancel this $88 (membership fee). they will not refund you.

They will auto enroll you as a member with this $88 charged and you need to be aware of it to cancel it within 48 hours.. They include this in the last line of an email receipt which is intentionally placed in such a way that you will most likely miss it. If you miss this 48 hours window. Your credit card is charged.

Share it as much as possible as their items are priced very cheaply and people will tend to view it as the “full” sum they’re supposed to pay, unaware that they’ll sting you with an $88 extra charge 2 days later.

You have no recourse over them. CASE and Small Claims does not interfere with this as it is a loophole they’re exploiting. their disputes are to be raised to the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)

They include this in their T/C when purchasing their items.
“Any claim, dispute, or controversy shall be resolved exclusively by final and binding arbitration administered by the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)”

Arbitration fees start in excess of $2140. Its not worth the trouble to get back $88 to file such fees. They know this loophole and are continuously exploiting it.

They will delete and block you from their facebook page comments so that it will not be visible to others on facebook. Even net savvy individuals from hardwarezone and VR forums have been conned. If you’ve bought anything from them, don’t bother to complain. its a loophole that you have no recourse on.

Again share this post as much as possible for awareness. Especially to friends who are not so net savvy.

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