When the whole world condemns Amos’ mother that it is her fault that Amos turned out so fearlessly “rebellious”, they do not know that Amos’ mother is humbly, Amos’ first student.

Having the privilege to walk with them through this time, I saw what a wonderful love relationship they enjoy. Amos is her sunshine, and she is Amos’ moon.

Mary dedicated herself to raising her only son, almost single-handedly. She stayed home to look after Amos during his first 3 years, until she exhausted all her savings.

She breastfed him, prepared what she knew was the most nutritious food for him, and tirelessly read him books after books after books, upon his insistence.

She patiently allowed Amos to develop naturally. She recalled that Amos didn’t have to struggle learning how to walk, she said, “He crawled when he wanted to reach out for things, and then one day, about 18 months, he just stood up and walked perfect!”

Amos loves his mother, and they’ve always had open communication. While the whole world thinks how rude Amos is for calling his mother a “****ing bitch”, they do not know how deeply Amos really cared for his mother.

When Mary visited him during his recent remand, Mary told me that they didn’t even talk about the case. He only brought up 2 things:

One to apologize to her that he lied to her recently, and he wanted to clear the air, because he has never once lied to her.

Two, he asked her again, “So, did you get your divorce yet?”

Amos had always wanted his mother to be free. He has witnessed her failing marriage, and how she has been working like a bull and had no life of her own. He felt for her, and when frustrated that she hasn’t harnessed the courage to live out her own life, out comes a pouring of his emotions and his flowing words.

Mary has always known that she has an outstanding child – an advanced thinker, always thinking ahead of his time and out of the box; highly intellectual, reading abundantly and always investigating; and having the creative minds of an artist, director and writer.

She knows Amos’ artistic inclinations and aspirations, and has always given him the freedom to pursue his dreams and goals. At 13, Amos has won the Best Short Film and Best Actor award at The New Paper’s First Film Fest.

She also knows of Amos’ frustration when people are stuck in their old ways of thinking, and how impatient Amos would be.

Amos is highly aware that he does not want to follow his parent’s old thinking and old way of living. He wants to reinvent himself, and is in the process of understanding the world, going beyond the surface of things and digging deeper, and eagerly wanting to share with the world his latest discovery. He wanted not only an intellectually stimulating life, but truly a life that he can call it his own.

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