Dear A.S.S.,

Carousell user “girlnextdoor” had a “Brand New LV Montaigne M41048” for sale in early May 2015.

A fellow Carousell user enquired about the item by asking some questions via the Chat function, and made a $300 bid (albeit ridiculously low) . “girlnextdoor” got offended by the potential buyer’s questions and low bid, and started to insult her race, “you malay people are pure retarded”, “cant read at least have some brains”.

“girlnextdoor” furthered her seditious rant by stating that “Its a known fact that everyone in sg looks to malays as second class citizens”, and that Malays on carousell are “absolute retards”.

Even if the bid was not what the seller wanted, there is NO NEED to insult the entire Malay community over a bag. “girlnextdoor” comments violates the Sedition Act, Section “3.—(1) A seditious tendency is a tendency (e) to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Singapore.”, and have indeed caused ill-will and hostility to the Malays.

We hope the relevant authorities will look into this matter.

Isaac Abraham
A Concerned Singaporean

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