Do you think this FHM covers are more “obscene” or do you think that Amos’s image of Lee Kuan Yew and Margaret Thatcher is more “obscene”?

Surely, if the definition of whether an image is “obscene” is whether a person will be tempted to act out his or her sexual fantasies, these FHM covers are definitely more “obscene”.

And if the AGC did not deem it necessary to charge FHM and Mediacorp for “obscenity”, then why did they decide to charge Amos?

Amos did not do anything wrong. His only mistake was that he criticised Lee Kuan Yew and so the PAP wanted to get him.

But the PAP is not above the law. It is wrong for them to abuse the law to persecute ordinary Singaporeans.

Amos did not do anything wrong. The charges against him have to be dropped and Amos should be released.


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