Dear Editor,

I saw this comment on mainstream news and I don’t understand why these gahmen cock suck3rs need to put down the efforts of other international rescue teams. Everybody is trying their best during this period to try and save people in Nepal. There is no need to put down others while praising the efforts of our own:

Well done guys! Feedback from a Nepali friend, who was in Singapore for the Interpol meet and went back to Ktm a week before the earthquake struck, told me our Singapore teams which included the gurkhas were well prepared for the search and rescue operations.

The gurkhas acted as interpreters and are able to identify the areas most needed for the search and rescue works.

Many foreign search and rescue teams landed in Ktm without any knowledge of the Nepali language and the terrain.

They came in large numbers but did little and Nepal struggled to accommodate them in hotels, motels and guests houses which are meant for the homeless affected by the earthquake.

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