38,500 local cleaners benefit from “Progressive Wage Model”

According to the Channel NewsAsia news report “Resident cleaners see higher salaries with Progressive Wage Model” (May 9) – “There are currently 38,500 resident cleaners – Singapore citizens and PRs – in Singapore. For a long time, they had been under-valued and under-paid – the result of outsourcing and a reliance on cheap foreign labour.”

Local cleaners decreased from 55,000 to 38,500?

Just about a year ago, it was reported in the Straits Times of 9 January, 2014 that “All 55,000 local cleaners in Singapore will earn at least $1,000 each month from September, up from $850 now”.

So, how is it possible that the number of local cleaners has decreased by 16,500 or 30 per cent in just over a year?

Does it mean that the number of foreign cleaners has increased, at the expense of local cleaners?

Have these shocking numbers got anything to do with raising the pay of local cleaners to $1,000 a month?

Only 69% of local cleaners get at least $1,000

As to “More than 26,500 resident cleaners are now paid at least S$1,000 a month – the entry-level pay under the Progressive Wage Model. The figure accounts for nearly 70 per cent of the resident cleaner workforce” – isn’t the Progressive Wage Model a failure in that only 69 per cent of local cleaners are getting at least $1,000 now?

After so many years of implementing initiative after initiative to increase cleaners’ pay – and we are still talking about only $1,000?

Win battles lose war

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