All ten toilets on board China Airlines broke down as a foul stench filled the aircraft. The plane was carrying 275 passengers on a new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on 4th May flying from Taipei to New York.

Faced with the passengers not being able to solve their bowels emergency, the pilot decided to turn to Alaska where it was delayed for 28 hours before making its way to New York. It was reported that the Taiwan artist Chen Mei-feng also on this flight, as she flew to New York to settle her divorce.

10 hours after China Airlines flight CI012 departed from Taipei to New York all ten toilets on board show full water level resulting in a foul smell and passengers discomfort. After investigation, the crew was unable to find out the cause. They proceeded to put paper towels into the toilet bowls to absorb the human waste before throwing them away and spraying the toilets with air freshener. The pilot then decided to fly another 5 hours to Alaska for maintenance.

China Airlines said the waste water tank malfunction disabled, in order not to affect the comfort of passengers on board, the crew decided to turn down Anchorage, Alaska, for troubleshooting while passengers were put up at a hotel. Finally, after a 28 hours the flight arrived in New York. China Airlines expressed deep regret and apologised for the inconvenience caused.

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