Recently, there have been a string of TV advertisements carrying the slogan, “Let’s think about it.” Regarding these ads, I see it NOT as a campaign encouraging tolerance towards foreigners in Singapore, and instead, I see it as an act of slamming the ALLEGED xenophobic behaviour displayed by Singaporean citizens.

First, I would like to say this with confidence and certainty. Singaporeans are not xenophobic in nature. In general (exceptions exist), we Singaporeans do not discriminate people just because they come from a different country. Contrary to popular belief, we are not racists, or “country-ists”.

So then, why are people constantly complaining about too many foreigners?

I’ll like to highlight 3 areas to look at. The first is scholarships. The second is jobs. Third would be population density and resources.

First, scholarships. I’ll like to ask this question out loud. Why are we giving free scholarships to foreign students? Is it because we have too much vacancies in our Universities? Is it because all our Singaporean students are so wealthy, that they can afford every thing that they need for their education, and therefore they don’t need a scholarship? Or is it because our Universities are so rich, that after giving out all the scholarships to our own citizens, we still have surplus that we can give to foreign students?

In my honest opinion, so long as we have one single Singaporean student who cannot go to University due to financial issues, then we have to consider his or her need, before we give that offer out to a foreign student. I’m sorry to have to say this, but we have to consider our own citizens’ needs first before we consider others. Of course, that’s just my opinion. Hey, feel free to give up your own scholarship to others if you disagree.

Incidentally. Wasn’t there a case where a China student with a scholarship, went to blog about us being more dogs than people? And what about that sex blogger who went on to backstab our dear late Mr Lee? And let’s not forget the “Singaporean” who was originally from China, who went to poison her classmates in USA due to “insanity”.

Well, you sure know how to pick ‘em…

Second, I’ll like to talk about jobs. In the mentioned advertisement, the guy was complaining about not enough manpower because foreigners are being sent back. Here’s my reply to him: If you cannot hire FTs, then you hire SGs lah, bodoh! Your bloody aircon so special you cannot hire SGs to do izzit?

Many of the jobs which Singaporeans are more than capable of doing, are being handed over to foreign talents.

It is true, Singapore does indeed need foreign workers in the construction and sanitisation industries. But what about our hotel staff? Sales staff? Middle management? And what about admin and office clerks? Is there a reason why you cannot hire SGs to do these jobs? Are Singaporean citizens are so incapable or unwilling to do these jobs, that there is absolutely no choice but to hire foreign talents to do them?

The reality of the situation is this. With so many foreign talents out in the job market, many companies in Singapore are now more partial towards hiring these foreign talents, who happened to be more willing to do the same job for a lower salary.

Eventually, this will very likely end up in a situation where Singaporeans will have to complete with foreigners in their own country for employment opportunities. Sometimes, the Singaporean citizen’s choices are either take a pay cut, or get laid off. (Or be absolutely indispensable to the company.)

Last, I’ll like to take a look at population ratio, and resource competition.

For our population, we are looking at around 60% Singaporeans, and around 40% foreigners.

Does this kind of population ratio make sense to you? How much more do we need before we are satisfied? 50-50? Are we aiming for a Singaporean Singapore? Or a Foreigner’s Singapore?

Some people are claiming that in order to address the issue of our ageing population, more foreigners are needed. Well, forgive me for not being too keen on the idea of getting people from other countries to replace people from our own country.

And on the issue of resource. Now, which of the following issues below is an indication of a competition of resources? Which of the following issues is an indication of overcrowding?

– MRTs and buses always crowded.
– Foodcourts and eateries seats always taken up.
– Very long queues in Supermarkets
– Very long queues in Cab stands.
– Balloting required for a place in school for your children.
– 20 people interviewing for an entry-level job vacancy.
– High demand and very high prices for HDB flats.

Imagine this situation. You have 1 resource. And you have 10 people competing for it. And of this 10 people, 6 are Singaporeans, 4 are foreigners. When you have such a situation, is it really that surprising that the presence of foreigners would be a cause for dissatisfaction among the Singaporeans?

If that Singaporean individual sees the presence of foreigners as a competition to his own needs, then of course he would be unhappy somehow. Is it really that huge a surprise? But does it mean that individual Singaporean is xenophobic and discriminates people by their country of origin? I DISAGREE!

In conclusion, this is the statement I would like to say. Singaporeans are not xenophobic. In protecting our own interests, we might appear to be hostile. But we do not harbour anti-foreigner sentiments simply because we discriminate people by which country they originate from.


What I mentioned here are simply things that I learned from my own experiences and my own observations. Feel free to disagree with what I said. There’s always the possibility that I could be wrong or misinformed.

One thing we can learn from the TV ad is the slogan. Let’s think about it carefully. Let’s ask ourselves some questions.

Who stands to gain the most from so many foreigners coming in?
Is the current policy really solving problems? Or is it creating new ones?
If you think this is indeed a problem, what then should be done about it?
If you do not agree that this is a problem like what people say, how far should we continue with this process?
Why are we giving scholarships to foreign students? Who made the decision to give scholarships to foreign students? The school? The principal? The students? Did Singaporean citizens say that we should give scholarships to foreigners? Who made that decision, and is there a reason why?

Hey, don’t take my word for these things. Think about it yourself. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

A.S.S. Contributor

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