It was supposed to be a match made in heaven.

5 years ago, a Singaporean man met met a PRC woman from Sichuan, China, in America, They fell in love and began staying together, despite the PRC woman having a 9 year-old daughter from her previous marriage.

But things changed when the couple returned to Singapore. Quarrels broke out between the Singaporean husband and his PRC wife over her choice of clothing, which the husband said was “too revealing”.

“When he (the husband) returned home to SIngapore, he started to control me very strictly, complaining about my living habits, complaining about my dressing etc etc. Sometimes he even hit me.” The PRC wife said.

Months after their wedding, police have had to visit their flat at least 4 times for possible domestic disturbances. The couple are currently planning a divorce.

When approached by the media, the husband denied all of the PRC woman’s accusations. He said, “I only wanted her to wear less revealing clothing. Her clothes revealed almost everything!”

His parents complained that the PRC woman hardly helped out with the chores at home and was always in her room and on her computer. They also recalled that she had initially wanted to abort her youngest child with her husband but decided to keep the child only after her husband pleaded with her to do so. A few times, they also spotted her taking off her wedding ring to go downstairs for a few drinks.

“I wonder if she wanted others to think that she was still single?” They told reporters.

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