Hi all,

I need help and advice for a case at a neighbourhood handphone shop.

My younger sister went to this handphone shop to fix her cracked LCD screen on her Sony Z1. The vendor quoted her $160 for the job and told her to pay in full cash. When asked for the receipt, the vendor simply told her that she can collect the receipt with the phone once it’s fixed.

A couple of weeks later, she asked my other sister to go back to the shop to collect the phone on her behalf.

But this time, the vendor told her that the phone’s motherboard is faulty and need to be fixed too. The $160 could not be refunded as he mentioned that he “has already replaced the LCD screen”. He said that to fix the motherboard is not worthwhile and suggested that she trade-in the phone for a new one with cash top-up.

The phone is still in the shop as the vendor is unwilling to release the phone to her as the original sister is not there to redeem.

I understood the case from them and reprimanded my sister why she never get the receipt and why she didn’t ask me before going to repair the phone.

She then told me that since she damaged her own phone, she’ll use her own pocket money to fix it.

I felt a bit sad for her man… she’s only 17 year old… and most probably have landed herself in a possible scam..

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