The following websites are the PRC prostitutes solicting themselves in Singapore, some operate from HDB flats, some condos and some landed properties, some work full time using their tourist visa, some are students working part time, some are 陪读妈妈.

you see how cheap they are, even陪读妈妈 sell their bodies.

Here are some examples of websites that run PRC prostitution.
sg perfect lovers . com
sg beauty city . com

i want to ask the relevant authorities including MDA, if solicitng sex service via internet is an offence? Ask the immigration dept if these bitches holding tourist or 陪读妈妈 are allowed to work as prostitutes, worse are those PRC students and employment pass holders who may not be so easily detected working here as prosittues

if these are people who violated our laws, is our “police” going to take action or “close both eyes” and allow them to continue to operate their sex service here?

i want to ask HDB if these kinds of “activities” are allowed? we have sons and daughters studying, some of these bitches are operating in areas where renowned schools are situated.

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