I think the time has come that punitive levies (Min S$1.5K) are levied on foreigners working in singapore, this mean people on Q1 pass, s pass, x-pass and any other passes.

The reason for this is simply because if you are foreigner working on a pass, employers do not have to pay CPF contribution for the foreign employee.

This in turn distorts the labour market and put locals at a serious disadvantage, but by putting putting punitive levies on them, the playing field will be levelled.

By doing this locals will have more jobs hence it will pump prime the economy for singapore as the domestic spending will increase together with purchasing power.

As for employers, since you say that the foreigners are talents, i guess S$1.5K extra per mth should be no problem since they are talents, if its a problem, then they are not talents

Singaporeans are basically being robbed of their future with all the different type of clown passes being introduced in the name of greed.

Please support this cause to raise the levies of foreigners working in singapore substansially by posting your support in this thread or liking it


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