Dear Editors,

A few days back i was in the mrt on my way to tai seng. I found a seat (2nd seat after the reserved seating)and sat down,beside was a china women with her friend right in front of her. They seem desperate for a seat.

At the next station,an old lady alighted the mrt. I wanted to give up my seat but the old lady was standing quite far away from me(somewhere around the reserved seating). However, whenever i wanted to stand up,the women would stare at me as if she was going to war. I decided to stay on my seat and wait for an opportunity to give up my seat, hoping that Anybody would Actually give up their seat too.

But sadly, nobody did,not even those sitting on the reserved seating. At the next station, the person who was seating at the reserved seating alighted. The old lady approached the seat. Before she could even sit down,the china lady just pulled her friend over to seat on the RESERVED seating immediately. The old lady was stunned.

Luckily she was close enough to gesturing to her to take my seat. She thanked me. I stood up,and stared at the china ladies while rolling my eyes. They dont look like they had any sense of guilt. One of them even gestured to her friend and they started whispering. I assume its about me staring at them about the seat.

I was really angry about this matter as i felt that they were shameless. I could clearly tell that they were not Singaporeans due to their thick china accent.


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