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Always enjoyed reading your news.

Wonder if you could assist on a consumer bullying matter?

Its regarding PICKET and RAIL @ marina square branch.

When my wife and i purchased our wallpaper from them earlier this year at marina square branch, we dealt with one of the sales man and we purchased two rolls of wallpaper to be install at our new bto flat.

We paid 50% of the invoice to allow upcoming works to proceed and both parties have agreed on paying balance 50% upon completion on the same day.

As wallpaper is installed on the last after all reno, we have reached this stage of getting them to install.

As we called to arrange, we realized previous sales person has left the company and another is serving us.

Anyway, down to the point. Now they insist us on paying 100% before they start work. Sales man was explaining how company has the rights to protect themselves, when you buy things from mall all pay upfront full. I told him we can pay upfront full for any and receive it immediate. Now they will only start work once we make full payment, or rather, do only 1 roll as we have paid for 50%.

They did not honour from their initial dealings.

We are very willing to pay once job is done well and satisfied – not being forced blindly to pay without seeing anything. Main thing was they could change dealings like this as they like.

I hope the above can serve others well as a good reminder that before making deposits, company can change their policy anytime and disregard and any commitment previously.

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