According to the Employment Situation First Quarter 2015 report – the number of unemployed Singaporeans (seasonally adjusted) in March was 50,200.

All-time low of only 53.3% Singaporeans in the workforce?

Since the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Singaporeans was 2.6% – does it mean that the number of Singaporeans in the workforce was about 1,930,769 (50,200 divided by 0.026)?

So, does it mean that the percentage of Singaporeans was 53.3% (1,930,769 Singaporeans divided by 3,624,200 total workforce)?

Is this an all-time low for the percentage of Singaporeans in the workforce?

With a total of 153,923 new citizens granted from 2007 to 2014 – what percentage of the 53.3% Singaporeans in the workforce are true-blue Singaporeans?

Why no breakdown into Singaporeans, PRs & foreigners?

Why is it that the report does not breakdown the workforce into Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners, when it can provide the unemployment rates for Singaporeans, residents and the total workforce (including foreigners)?

Similarly, since the unemployment rate for residents was 2.5% – does it mean that the number of residents in the workforce was about 2,260,000 (56,500 unemployed residents divided by 0.025)?

All-time high for % of PRs to Singaporeans?

So, does it mean that the percentage of PRs in the resident workforce was 14.6% (2,260,000 minus 1,930,769 divided by 2,260,000)?

Is this an all-time high for the percentage of PRs to Singaporeans?

Only 300 jobs created

With an employment change of just 300 jobs in the first quarter this year, against 40,700 for the last quarter of last year – what is the breakdown of these 300 jobs into Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners?

Win battles lose war

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