Dear Singaporeans

I went out with my family last weekend to Gardens by the Bay. We wanted to view the Tulipmania exhibition at the gardens, because me and the husband always loved tulips since we visited Holland during our university days.

We set off happily with my 2 sons, hoping to have a good day out together as a family. But what we didn’t expect was to meet a group of extremely rude and uncultured PRCs there.

What happened was this – the tulips on display were concentrated into a small area, so visitors have to go past a small gantry where a staff was on standby to help guide traffic. Naturally, as there were a lot of people trying to view the tulips, there was a short queue.

While we were queuing, this young PRC boy started pushing his way somewhere from the back of our queue. He elbowed and squeezed his way between me and hubby and a number of other people in front of us to get to the tulips. We were not bothered by this so much, but the worst was yet to come.

Following shortly behind this young boy, this rude, fat PRC auntie came stomping after her child and rudely pushed past me and my younger son.

She shoved my boy so hard he almost fell over. I was too shocked for words and husband muttered some vulgarities at the woman. But I don’t know whether she’s deaf, or stupid, or too preoccupied to hear my husband swearing at her because she continued to push her way towards the PRC boy, who continued to move to the front.

But that wasn’t the only incident with these rude PRC tourists. When we went to another section called “Cloud Forest”, a big group of noisy, uncultured PRCs were blocking the entrance to the section even though they were not going in. Because of this, we and several caucasian tourists had to squeeze our way past these PRCs just to get to the gantry. I think they were just standing there to enjoy the air conditioning that was blowing out of the entrance. But even so, they didn’t have to block the way for everyone.

I am not sharing these incidents to cause any hatred against PRCs. I think there are good and bad PRCs, but I just think that these people really need to learn how to respect the culture of the countries they go to. Just because Singaporeans are gracious and forgiving doesn’t mean that they can do whatever they like here. Peace.


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