As mentioned, this case will be the acid test of the current administration. Those who really do something wrong, like using fake degrees, assaulting people psychically and verbally, sometimes even killing innocent people can be forgiven and slapped on the wrist, but for a young local boy or some other locals who dare to challenge the administration are led out in chains, painted like they are demons, it only shows how “small” the people on top are.

FYI, it onky takes one statement from a certain small but very silent man to say, “let’s not go over board with this, he is only a kid” and everything will blow over. But he wants his pound of flesh showing how small and insecure he is and for his constant fixing, onky shows how much he cares for his people. When we locals do wrong,he voices out so fast against us. But when others do something against us, he is quiet. It is beginning to be the end and now even if he sheds more tears and says sorry, no one will listen.

A boy is spending time in jail, he is being treated like a criminal and the media is painting him to be a demon, is this the Singapore we want?

Someone uses a fake degree and she is forgiven. Someone rants that he wants to kill Singaporeans and take over and he is not even shown to be charged. A diplomat carries 27kg of gold and is let through.

Is this the Singapore we want?


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