All the hate for PRCs recently has made me very unhappy. I need to vent a little so please bear with me.

Singaporeans, you think you’re so much better than the PRCs, but you’ve got it all wrong!

PRC women are much better compared to our spoilt rotten Singaporean girls! I’ll give you 7 reasons why.

1. PRC women are prettier. They are descended from emperors, monks, missionaries, traders, prostitutes, and even horse riding barbarians. They have plenty of “genes” in their gene pool so you can expect them to at least look decent.

2. PRC women are braver. Their ancestors have been through Mao Zedong’s Great Leap Forward unlike their Singaporean peers, who ran to Singapore when the going got tough in China. Just look at the recent viral video of the Ah Tiong Bu spitting at the Singapore guy!

3. PRC women have better “vital stats”. Just look at the booty on those PRC freelancers in Geylang and compare them with our local girls.

4. PRC women speak a language properly. So instead of speaking half-f**ked English and Mandarin mixed together, they actually speak only one language which not even Mandarin speaking Singaporeans can understand.

5. PRC women are better at S&M. Just check out those videos of PRC women beating up Singaporean men and everyone else while they’re at it. Couldn’t ask for a better dominatrix.

6. PRC women believe in true gender equality. If they’re not busy using their womanly wiles on Singaporean husbands, they’re out there stealing jobs from them in the work place! They even have (fake?) degrees in Engineering, Medicine, Science and Business to boot!

7. PRC women are good in bed. If they decide to play nice for the day and take a shower, they do offer more than the tame Singapore girl.

So for those sour grapes who criticise PRC women, get a life okay?!?!?!


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