Hi A.S.S.

Do you think guys will date a gal who has many family problems?

A little bit about myself. I am 23 y.o., quite tall, 1.68kg and slim type. Many guys have told me that I am quite pretty, so I think I am okay in terms of looks

I recently went out with a guy about two years my senior. He is my colleague and we got along very well. We started chatting in office during lunch at first, and it slowly became more than that.

About one month after we got together, I told him about my family problem. It’s because I have this disabled brother of mine, who is mentally a bit unstable. He always likes to throw tantrums, scolding people and hitting everyone around him even my parents.

My parents don’t know what to do with him, and they can’t bear to send him to stay in IMH. My brother saw a regular psychiatrist for many years but his temper has not improved. He is now in NS as a clerk but that has not helped him either. I always hear him complaining about being outcasted at camp.

Although my brother is smart, he was unable to complete his polytechnic diploma. He had mental breakdowns halfway through his last year in poly and had to stop his diploma to get treatment.

I know it is selfish, but I am afraid I have to take care of him on behalf of my parents for the rest of my life.

I told all this to my current boyfriend, who said he understands and I was very happy. But after this incident, I feel something has changed. He is more distant these days and doesn’t respond to my calls and messages so much anymore.

A couple of times I caught him lying to me when I asked him whether he was free to go out for dinner after work. He said he was busy with work, but the next day I overheard that he actually left the office quite early with his other friends.

I am worried that he is scared of being with me because of my brother and doesn’t want to continue the relationship.

I need your advice please. Do you think there’s any hope for a girl like me with a troubled family?

Ms. Q

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