Dear MCI,

I am writing to your agency, in the hope that you can look into the issues raised and enact the necessary changes in order to rectify the matters.

I live in 704 Bedok Reservoir and have been communicating with my Town Council for a while already on maintenance issues. I would like to say that though the efficiency of the Town Council is there, I remain frustrated by their inability to do more due to insufficient by-laws to hinder litterers and stray feeding.

Every other day in the wee hours of the morning, there will be people feeding stray animals in the vicinities and this in turn attracts pests and rodents which feed on leftovers, multiplying rapidly and turning our ward into “ratatouille” town.

Such is also the case at “Geylang East Food Centre” as well as the HDB Centre, Blk 118 Aljunied Ave 2 where I work. There will not only be people feeding pigeons and mynas there but they would also feed on leftover food, uncleared by the hawkers. The birds then defecate on the tables and seats, making that market the most unhygienic place to be dining at.

The management at the HDB centre could neither be bothered with the unhygienic state of both their building or their market. The toilets and its walls are stained with fences and can be left unflushed for days. There are no scheduled cleaning or maintainance and the building is thus “home” to rodents which built their nest there and running around freely as a result.

In view of all that has been conveyed to you, I hope the government will seriously bring back the reality of a “clean & green” Singapore that we have lost since the Goh Chok Tong era.

Yours faithfully,
Ms SH Chow

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