Just days after a special Lego set was distributed to Singapore students by the Ministry of Education, they are being sold for the ‘cheap’ on online shopping websites such as Carousell.

The special Lego set commissioned by the Ministry of Education (MOE), featuring three Singaporean icons: Cavenagh Bridge, Changi Control Tower, and the Supertrees from Gardens by the Bay.

The 244-piece set commemorates Singapore’s 50 years of independence and is named Building My SG: Reflect, Celebrate, Inspire.

According to The New Paper that an online seller had sold a set for $60 yesterday morning and other listings later in the day showed the highest bids to be between $60 and $70.

But some disagree with buying from such avenues. Some were unhappy with these sets being sold online as they feel that these are meant for the kids to have fun and not for resale.

Lego fans are even jokingly contemplating to “hang out at the school gates and give your best offer to the parents waiting for the kids”, in order to get their hands on the special Lego sets.

However, not all disagree with the selling of the Lego sets. Parent Linda Lim explained why she would sell the special Lego, “If the price is good, I wouldn’t mind selling it as my boy prefers to play with his iPad. Some children just don’t like Lego or building blocks. I will pass him the money to buy credits for his online games.”

ASS Reporter Jason Yam

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