by Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

Singaporeans are amazed with the food menu being served at the upcoming SEA Games as it was recently revealed that the organisers spent over two years developing the recipes.

These dishes will be rotated daily at the three meal times from May 24 to June 18 including healthier versions of some of Singapore’s culinary classics, like chicken rice and mee soto.

“Diet plays an extremely important role for athletes from not only a nutritional aspect, but a motivational one as well,” said Bob Gambardella, Chief of NOCs and Sport, The Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC).

“Careful planning and consideration has allowed for a wide variety of dishes with high and low fibre options for different sporting requirements as well as considerations for food allergies,” said Dr Kirsty Fairbairn, Head of Sports Nutrition at the Singapore Sports.

Hence, organisers explained, the Singapore hawker fare served to athletes will be low in sodium, artificial flavouring and fats.

Excited youth volunteer Por Lum Pah said, “I am looking forward to sharing the food with my local sports stars. A lot of food has been wasted in the past two years to finally come up with these tasty but healthy hawker food so I will savour every mouth.”

Roast pork and char siew hawker Pwee Bah Bee agreed, “To get the right recipe not easy you know. I know because I tried selling char siew in Saudi Arabia for three years and no matter how I adjust the recipe I cannot get it right. Locals there don’t like char siew leh.”

However, not all agree with the vast amount of time and money spent. Veteran food activist Chi Dao Luan was rather unhappy, “Two years for angmoh to come up with this?! Just dabao 100 packets from chicken rice uncle and tell him less rice, less salt lah!”

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