Nobody really wants to talk about this and quite frankly no one can blame them. Race and religion issues are so sensitive you almost wish your lover could feel the same in their special bits. But like just get down and dirty and talk about it a little.

Contrary to popular belief and most of what you learn in social studies not all races are treated equally in Singapore. Privilege and prejudice are very much alive in Singapore. Just because we aren’t burning each other for being of a different race doesn’t mean we are clean from the ugly reality of racism.

Just do a quick search of rooms for rent and you will see the words “Chinese preferred“ and “no Indian” all over their websites. Also just ask anyone from the minority races in singapore and they can tell you their experience with racism.

I bet i will even get stupid comments for even pointing out that i am from a minority race (indian) in singapore and i have had first hand experiences with people being racist. Race and religion has always been a funny issue with me. I am indian my grandmother is chinese but was adopted by indians so i look kind of mixed, i was raised catholic and went to an all boys catholic school for 11 years (MONTFORT FTW!) and my second language was chinese. I identify myself as singaporean for the most part.

Now for some strange reason we keep having the racial riots being brought up as a reason why we have to be oversensitive about race and religion issues because at any second singapore and erupt into a chaotic riot of death.

This is just bullshit and not true. To those who have lived through the riots much respect to you guys for living in a more volatile singapore. But we need to understand that singapore now is VERY different.

With all the education we have been receiving and how modern we have become the government has to give us more credit. We are not that dumb. The internet does not have to be censored on the grounds of “protecting multiracialism” – like i said before this is a very different singapore.

Government channels simply CANNOT be trusted with feedback because they seem to only want to believe their own propaganda. Just look at how the Amos Yee saga was misrepresented by our own state controlled media? There are many facts of that case not being reported.

Just to quote this article:

“If one sees the shutdown of TRS as the loss of a feedback channel for the Government and a curtailment of online voices, then one also has no care for multiracial and multi-religious mechanisms, and a denial of various avenues of feedback.

Regretfully, some people should have experienced our past riots to wake up to the fact that this is not a region where audacious free speech may work but where irresponsible utterances might get us or our loved ones killed.”

So basically in South east asia democracy and freedom of speech just cannot work because we are just too stupid and sensitive unlike westerners who are more open minded?

With all the education singapore always boasts about, why does the article say our loved ones can still be killed, is it because we have not grown since the 1960s?
Personally i think that we Singaporeans AND our government will have to learn to overcome the fear of chaotic death riots and acknowledge that we live in a very different singapore 2015 liao not 1960. We need to learn to me more mature and open to talking about race and religion.

BTWs if stomp hasn’t caused a riot i really don’t think any other website will be able to

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