Police are investigating two incidents involving two women seen fighting with a man and later shouting at a policeman in a series of videos that has gone viral.

The videos were filmed at the Simei Green condominium and uploaded in three parts on Facebook over the past four days.

In the first video, uploaded on Sunday, the two women dressed in black are shown shouting in Mandarin at a man in white, hurling vulgarities and trying to land punches on him.

At one point, one of the women, who was holding a drink can, splashed the drink onto the man. The man, who exchanged heated words with the duo, hit back when he was spat on by the other woman.

It is understood that the quarrel was between the two women and the management of the condominium.

The women are shown shouting at one of two policemen at the condominium, in a second video uploaded on Tuesday.

The video is almost three minutes long and shows a woman in a black-and-white top trying to follow a man in a pink shirt as he is led away by a policeman, accusing the man of sexual harassment.

Another policeman took the two women aside to speak to them, but one of them became agitated and said she wanted to file a complaint against him. She then took out her phone and took a picture of the policeman, which he allowed.

The woman accused him of raising his voice at them even though the man in pink was to blame, but the policeman maintained that he was neutral.

In response, the other woman suddenly screamed: “It’s because of this attitude from you police that they have been harassing me every day, do you know that?”

The two women eventually said they would follow the policeman back to a nearby police centre in Simei to give their statements.

The third video, uploaded yesterday, is believed to be a continuation of the first one. The three videos had gained more than 600,000 views, 15,000 shares and 3,900 likes as of 6pm yesterday.

A police spokesman said that investigations are ongoing in the incidents that took place on April 28 and April 30.

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