Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I was reading an article on STOMP when I saw a comment by netizen "Notahuman". He or she was outraged at the behavior of these PRC hooligans and suggested they wash their mouths with acid as the words they speak are filthy. 

The netizen went on to reveal the PRC women's full condo address. According to the tipoff, they live at Tower 7 #04-06 Simei Green Condo. 

It is unclear how the netizen got their address and whether the address is indeed real. I hope the police will heed the people's call and bring these two women to justice. Singaporeans should not be bullied in their own homes. 

Thomas Wu
A.S.S. Reader


Editor's Note: Please do not take illegal actions agaisnt the PRC women involved. Even though they behaved like hooligans, we should not stoop to their level and allow the Singapore Police Force to investigate them. 


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