The Ministry of National Development (MND) on Thursday announced that it has signed a Mutual Termination Agreement with Eternal Pure Land (EPL) to terminate a July 2014 award for a place of worship (PW) site at Fernvale Link in Sengkang.

Residents had objected to EPL’s plans to build a commercial columbarium at the site and Minister of National Development Khaw Boon Wan had promised in Parliament that he would “try to unwind” the issue, after it was discovered that EPL, owned by Australian company Life Corporation, is private company without any religious affiliation.

Reports said EPL had put in a S$5.2 million bid for the piece of land at Fernvale Link. As part of the deal to terminate the award, MND said the Government will release a small plot of land to EPL for a technology pilot project for columbarium services.

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