While browsing The New Paper today, I saw this story about how customer service staff constantly face abuse from their customers all the time.

They put in this silly story about a customer at a "Middle-Eastern restaurant Artichoke" who threatened and abused the manager-owner at the place because he was not allowed to split his bill.

The New Paper did not mention the nationality of the unreasonable customer, but from the description, you can probably guess it's one of those Arabian or South Asian foreigners.

I think this is all just a conspiracy to make Singaporeans forget about the PRC problems we have in Singapore. By saying that all customer service staff face such unreasonable customers, they will make the 2 PRC women look less out of place. This will allow them to protect their precious "foreign talents", who we have exposed to be rude, violent and disrespectful.

Why is the PAP going all out to protect foreigners in our country? It should be simple enough to just charge and throw these 2 women out of the country along with their whole family. Look at any other country other than Singapore and you will see that their governments don't take shit from foreigners.

The New Paper report.



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