I was watching MediaCorp TV recently and I came across this programme featuring a well known rich socialite named Jamie Chua. In online circles, she is known as the Queen of Hermes or Queen of Instagram because of her never-ending supply of branded Hermes bags and her passion for posting all her expensive goods online for everyone to see.

When I saw her introducing all the expensive things that she has in her house, I thought to myself: How did she get so rich? Why can she afford so many things even though she herself admitted she doesn’t really work?

Fortunately, Google has the answer:

“The former model and CHIJ Toa Payoh girl hit the headlines for famously asking for S$450,000 in monthly maintenance to maintain her lifestyle during divorce proceedings from her hubby in 2011. They eventually settled out of court later that year.”

The same blogger also revealed how much wealth she really earns now too:

“She owns 200 Birkin and Kelly bags kept in enclosed glass cases
– she never wears the same dress twice
– changes twice during the interview
– never takes a candid shot
– has two full-time maids who help her take her Instagram shots
– keeps busy with regular yoga, spa, manicure, pedicure sessions
– currently stays in a 2.5-storey bungalow at Merryn Road in Dunearn Road with her two kids and parents”

Don’t you think this is an abuse of the Woman’s Charter? I don’t know how much the husband is paying her in alimony, but it is surely not a small figure. From the way she spends on branded goods and doesn’t even need to work, you know that the figure is probably close to $450,000 or even beyond it.

Chin A.Y.

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