Here is the Truth behind the video of the 2 PRC women spitting and hitting at the man in the white shirt.

This happened at Simei Green Condo.

2 PRC ladies wanted to apply for extra door access cards to the condominium, but was rejected by the MC manager in white. Their application form were incomplete, presumely needed Owner’s written permission.

They got agitated & start to hurl vulgarities at the staff.

They came in with a Singaporean guy. One of the PRC women is a property agent.

Before the video recording, they already make a big fuss. They were unreasonable and demanding the MC manager to give them the extra door access cards even though they did not fulfill the requirements. That is what led to the video.

The MC manager is already very patient with them. He does not have to endure their pouring drink and spitting on him at all. Lucky the security guard stopped him from hitting the PRC woman. He can now ask police to charge these two women for spitting and physical abuse towards him.

John Ng

Editor’s Note: For more details on the identity of the woman, please see our earlier article: www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/prc-women-who-spit-and-hit-sg-man-are-menace-society .

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